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Quinteto & Sexteto Noces
Choreography - Piece Giselle 2018
Giselle, one of the most romantic works of the classical repertoire, transcends periods and places, and, although the interpretations are infinite, its quality of "classic" indicates a way, it reminds us that it is on the shoulders of this giant that we must climb to see further. In this perspective, "Giselle. Contrapunto revista" proposes a translation / interpretation of themes underlying the original work, without breaking with tradition or the original narrative thread. Giselle was awarded the prize for best choreography 2018 by the Circle of Critics of Art of Chile.
ChoreographyMathieu Guilhaumon
Dramaturgy & stagingMillaray Lobos
Set and light designAndrés Poirot
Costume designCarolina Vergara