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Giselle Poesía del Otro
Choreography - Piece Noces 2017 Inscribed in an atavism of cultural inheritances, the grooms become incarnation of a rite whose cycle is perpetual. Through the progressive use of space and light, Noces suggests this cyclical form in which the rite takes place: light dissolves in the shadow and the shadow advances towards the light.
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M. Guilhaumon runs with great panache the rythm of the piece as well as the great group of dancers from which arise scenic situations that capture the viewer's gaze. The final appearance of the bride and groom is remarkable, clear symbol of their union as a sacrifice.
The version of Guilhaumon strips away the folklore that emanates from the music of the Russian composer, but preserves the ancestral force that emerges from the powerful percussions and voices of great expressiveness .